The beauty of Vintage

Elements of traditional style!

Giannis sent me three more photos today, and made me really happy.He was able to find a set of vintage German tuning machines for my bouzouki!

Also the fret board has been glued to the neck and a beautiful coating of rosewood ply has been applied, combining the traditional style with an excellent aesthetic perception by the luthier.

Finaly the beautiful design of the karavola has been finished.It's being inspired by a beautiful bouzouki, belonged to the famous Greek musician and composer Ioanni Papaioannou (January 18, 1913 - August 3, 1972).

1.Vintage German tuning machines

2.A beautiful coating of rosewood ply on the neck.

3.Karavola's design, inspired by I. Papaioannou bouzouki.


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