Karagiozis puppetry

The story behind my fourth bouzouki!

I still remember my childhood years back at the old neighborhood of Patra, when I began discovering the passion in art and I started to draw my own karagiozi figures, and writing stories of comedy.Natural perpetrator and collaborator in accomplishing our theatrical performances under the concrete stairs of my two story house, behind a white sheet and the light of a gas lantern, was my 2 years older brother, who had the ability to change his voice and create tons of personalities.

"Karagiozis and the Great Octopus" was always a big hit.The intrigue story and the plot of Karagiozi the Fisherman, in his mission to manufacture a big fake Octopus from rubber of tires and rubber cups, for the reward at the great seafood supper, organized by the vizier.

These memories of traditional shadow puppetry, became the reason my fourth bouzouki to have a figure design of Karagiozis, inspired by a famous folk artist - puppeteer and compatriot.

1.Details from the soundboard decoration made by the luthier X.Tsolis


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