Small adventure stories

And the legend of the peninsula!

Great Catch:Created with 3D software by SDimis

As my father was visiting me from Greece for two months, I had the opportunity to go fishing with him a couple of times.Fishing is a great hobby, as you can drain your mind from daily problems and become one with nature.Especially with good a company, fishing can become a great social event.

My father is as passionate with fishing, as I am with art and music.He started somewhere at the age of 10, and for the last 62 years fishing was always his greatest hobby.We use to go together back in the days, making road trips in the middle of the night, discovering new spots of the unknown lands of Peloponnese coast.
What I loved mostly from his company, was always his ability to share great adventure stories.

One of them, is my all time favorite:

Very often my father use to go for fishing alone.In one of his explorations he had found a spot at the edge of a peninsula after a lighthouse.The land had created a small thin line inside the sea and at the edge of the peninsula, the beach was forming an eclipse shape, similar to the shape of a fry pan. He use to fish there often so he had become friend with the guard of the lighthouse named Giannis.Before proceeding to the edge of the peninsula he was stopping at the lighthouse having a small discussion with him.
It was a cold night of winter, when he stopped to Mr Gianni's lighthouse before his regular spot at the edge of the coast.As they where discussing Mr. Giannis asked him:

-Did you know the legend regarding this thin line of land going deep into the ocean?

My father replied negatively, so Mr.Giannis continued:

-The tradition says that a long time ago, Virgin Marry visited this place and asked a fisherman to take her in his boat, and pass her across to the other side of the coast.The fisherman refused and Virgin Marry grabed sand into her hand, and threw it into the water creating this beautiful small line of land inside the ocean! Some locals believe the peninsula is a sacred place!
. Sweet kisser:Created with egg tempera and gold leaf by SDimis

My father thanked Giannis for the hospitality and left to the edge of the peninsula.In his mind he had the words of his friend, and the legend surrounding the place.

. The protector:Created with 3D software by SDimis

It was around midnight when at the sea started a very high tide.The line of land in the ocean disappeared, and only a small area of the peninsula's edge where my father was fishing, remained outside of the water.He stood on top of his fishing bucket, and he continued fishing since there was no other way to return back to the mainland.That night a lot of big "drogkoi" (a kind of fish similar to moray eel) came out to shore. Tough fishes with big mouth and strong jaws.As my father was catching and bringing them out to the shore, he was hitting them with the a big wooden stick he found nearby, before releasing the hook out of their mouth.He had caught a couple of them, as the sea level started to fall back and the low tide brought the line of land outside of the water.
Tired from the night adventure, he packed his things and left to his home.

The next day he decided to go back to the same spot. He stopped again by the lighthouse, to have the usual chat with the guard Giannis, before entering the peninsula. Mr. Giannis responded very unfriendly to my fathers hello.He closed rapidly the door and hide inside the lighthouse, as my father was approaching the small yard towards him.

My father suprised, knocked the door couple of times, before Mr. Giannis answered from inside.

-Go away, go away, don't bother are a crazy man!..Last night around midnight I came up to the light house... I was checking the area.When the light was passing over your spot, I saw you having a big wooden stick and hitting the waters with furiousness, as a crazy man! Maybe this place took your mind away!Don't bother me anymore..I don't want to have any problems with you!

And of course the misunderstanding was solved when my father explained to him about the high-tide and the "drogkous" fishes he had caught the night before!


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