Tuning the body

The mystical rite between man and old woods!

Giannis tuned the body of the bouzouki and sent me two more photos.First he tuned the braces of the top and after by sanding, he achieved the desired percussion of the soundboard.
The neck has been connected to the bowl and the soundboard has been attached to the body.Up to this point, the binding strips have been applied to the staves of the bowl, the capping strip(kolantza) and the outer perimeter of the soundboard.

The decoration of the rosette and pickguard has been finished and glued to the soundboard.

1.The instrument has been tuned by luthier's experienced hands and ear.

Remaining the final shaping of the neck and the addition of the neck cap to the instrument's body.Later the luthier will glue the fretboard to the neck and then he will create the headstock (karavola).

2.Designing the shape of the headstock(karavola)


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