Less is more

A great bouzouki made with cheap decoration!

A nice surprise was waiting in my email.Giannis finished the lower part of the bouzouki decoration and sent me three photos.To cut the figure, he used a deep throat coping saw.

Faithful to my believe "a great bouzouki doesn't depend on the type of decoration been used" I selected acrylic Celluloid for the lower part.Only the sound hole and the fret inlays(tsampoukades) will be made by natural mother of pearl. The design of the lower decoration is being inspired by Zozef's designs of 50s.

1.Impressing the design on tracing paper.

2.Marking the design on the soundboard

3.Acrylic Celluloid ,black pasta for materials , coping saw for tool.

4.Finalizing the lower design of soundboard


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