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Bouzouki made by my clone?
The Clone:Created with 3D software by SDimis

How rare would be, if someone was living in the same country and town, at the same period of time, and he was carrying the same first and last name as you do?

Most of you will answer: Not rare at all!

How rare would be, if the first and last name he was using as an artist, is an abbreviation of his full name, and matches exactly, with the abbreviation of first and last name you have chosen to use as an artist, in a completely different form of art?

Some of you will answer: Not so rare!

Now, how rare would be, if both of you, were immigrants from Greece who chose to immigrate into US, live in the same State and town, and at the same period of time, without knowing each others existence?
And how rare would be if someday by simple coincidence you would find it out, through a bouzouki sale?

The following story is real.

Not even six months ago, as I was browsing pages on eBay, I stopped at an auction of a bouzouki which grabbed my attention.The seller of the instrument was from the same state as I was, so I thought this could become an easy pick up transaction, if I was the highest bidder at the end of the auction.

But the seller did not give any information in his listing, regarding the instrument's luthier. He was just saying the bouzouki was custom made, by a local luthier.
At this point I would like to mention, that my eBay user name is my abbreviation name.

Back to the story: I sent the seller a question via email, asking for more information regarding this local luthier.I got no answer.I waited a couple of days before sending another email.Again, no answer. Finally, on my 3rd attempt, the seller answered:

"Please see the attached photo of the luthier's label inside the sound hole."

I opened the picture and to my surprise, I saw the following:
Construction by: my first and last name
Place: my town
Date of construction: the year I use to live in that town

And of course you can imagine the confusion I had created to the seller, when from my first even email he thought that the luthier of his bouzouki, was making a prank on him.

For your information, I decided to not buy the instrument, but I kept the photo of the maker's label inside the sound hole.

I am still tormenting myself some nights with the question:What if, I had been adapted by Aliens during that period of time, and after experimenting with me, they erased from my memory that I was really a luthier my whole life ?


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