Half bouzouki

Once called bouzouki!

Misobouzouko :Created with 3D software by SDimis

During dinner time with family & friends a couple of days ago, I 've been asked:

-"If next week, the sound of your new bouzouki is all you wanted to hear for the last 20 years, would it be the last instrument you'll own?"

I answered that, my next journey will be in the creation of a unique misobouzouko, or tzoura gonato!

The misompouzouko (=Half bouzouki) belongs to the family of bouzouki.
The term indicates an instrument smaller than the bouzouki (half=small), but due to the fact that the folk instruments are not strictly defined, we can't specify an absolute shape or size for misobouzouko's body.

Generally we could say that, misobouzouko has an intermediate size, less than the one of bouzouki, and more than tzouras.The length of string, usually range from 62-67 cm. The bowl is approximately like the mandolin's and can reach up to the size of mandolas, with a characteristic long pear shape.

From the other hand, Gonato(=knee) called the instrument with a much deeper bowl.The name gonato comes from the resemblance of the bowl' shape to a bended knee.


Tzourades:Created with 3D software by SDimis

Through years, I have seen different variations and names to be used by luthiers regarding smaller or bigger size bouzouki instrument as , misobouzouko, tzouradobouzouko, gonato, mpaglamobouzouko, laoutobouzouko, tampourobouzouko, bouzoukomana etc.

The great luthier Anastasios Stathopoulos(1863-1915) made bouzoukia with dimensions very close to those we call today "misobouzouka".

Misobouzouko:Created with 3D software by S.Dimis


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