Sweet bread.

And the sugar called "tomorrow"!

Sugar jar:Created with 3D software by SDimis

Giannis gave me yesterday the exciting news:
At the end of the next week I will be able to hear the sound of my bouzouki!

A journey for almost 20 years, may have come to an end. And the taste, this process left to my mouth, is only sweet!
Thinking back my childhood years in the old neighborhood, when playing games every afternoon with my friends, ("Krifto", "Ambariza", "Agalmata", "Kleftes kai Astinomous") my mother use to call me for a small snack break. Most of the times, the snack was a fresh-made slice of bread, with some sugar and olive oil on top. The "sweet bread" as I use to call it.Exhausted from the playground, that bread was the most amazing snack I ever tasted!

But my passion for sweets had started much earlier at the age of two.According to my parents, at that age I discovered, inside the kitchen cabinet under the sink, a jar full of sugar.With a tea spoon I use to dig small white mountains and put them in my mouth.My parents did not allow me to have more than couple of spoons per day.As they were taking it away from my hands, to calm me down they were telling me:

-Tomorrow again, tomorrow (=Avrio)
That was the reason why, I was calling for my 'Avrio" every afternoon, since I thought that's how you call sugar.

The strangest thing, is that one day without any reason, I decided to not eat sugar ever again in my life.Neither products having sugar as ingredient (ice cream, sodas, cakes etc).
And I keep that decision solid, for the last 25 years of my life!


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