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Opening the case of bouzouki cases!

As my instrument's construction reaches its last stages, I started researching forums regarding feedback of the most appropriate bouzouki case, for overseas shipments by airplane.

Most of bouzouki makers and instrument owners, agree that instruments should be shipped not tuned and in a hard case.This way the possibility of the instrument suffering any damage is very small.

Some others believe that if an instrument will be shipped in the luggage compartment of an airplane, then the risk of internal damages is greater, by the sudden changes of pressure and relative humidity, in a very short period of time.They also suggest in case of transporting a bouzouki by airplane, the instrument should be carried on, in the passengers' cabin, where balance of atmospheric pressure occurs.

Finally few owners have tested different cases under extreme conditions, from low temperatures in flight to high temperatures on the ground, in combination with high levels of humidity and have written their reviews.
Without any attempt to mislead the readers of my blog, and always calculating the possibility and the risk of damage someone can take, by transferring an instrument by airplane, I 've come to the conclusion that, the most safe way to ship my bouzouki, will be not tuned and inside a ROCKBAG RC 20144 case.

Some of the characteristics for this particular case are:
Water resistant case, with polystyrene materials for protection from climatic changes, with a very good vibration holding, a holding strap of the upper top, small pillow for vibration protection and scratch tape to prevent instrument from falling.
1.One of the most safe bouzouki cases

Photo has been taken from matsikas online store


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