The 30s-40s era

Grasping the pre-war character!

Free time during holidays, gave me the ability to generate some more attempts of a pre-war, trixordo bouzouki design.

Due to the limited references I found on pre-war traditional instruments, I created a poll, asking the friends of this blog, to register which of the following designs in their opinion, is more close to the style and character of 30s-40s bouzouki construction.Your input will be appreciated.

1.Pick guard decoration from wood and acrylics.

2.Sound hole with wood fillets & pick guard decoration from wood.
.3.Carved rosette, with wood fillets at the trim of soundboard
.4.Flower decoration from MOP, & wood fillets at the trim.

5.Flower decoration from MOP, & wood fillets at the trim.

6.Carved rosette, with wood fillets at the trim of soundboard

7.Sound hole with wood fillets & pick guard decoration with MOP

8.Simple trims and wooden pick guard.

9.Carved Rosette with MOP trim around the sound hole and soundboard.


  1. Είσαι εξαιρετικά δημιουργικός.Συγχαρητηρια!
    Πολλές δημιουργικές κατασκευαστικές ιδέες!

  2. Σε ευχαριστω πολυ μαστορα!Ειναι ο ηχος των οργανων που κατασκευαζεις, πηγη επνευσης για εμενα!

  3. Φίλε μου συγχαρητήρια για την ανάρτηση,τα σχέδια σου είναι ιδιαιτέρως καλλιτεχνικά και πιστεύω πως θα τα ζήλευαν πολλοί επαγγελματίες του είδους, στην δημοσκόπηση σου ψήφισα ήδη το τρίχορδο νούμερο 3 γιατί θεωρώ πως πλησιάζει πολύ τα μπουζούκια εκείνης της περιόδου που αναφέρεις, ένα μεγάλο μπράβο για το μεράκι σου,να έχεις μια όμορφη και δημιουργική χρονιά!

  4. Αγαπητε luthierschool, σ' ευχαριστω για τα καλα σου λογια και για την συμμετοχη σου στην ψηφοφορια.
    Επισης, σου ευχομαι καλη χρονια, και καλη δυναμη στην αξιεπαινη προσπαθεια στο blog σου.

  5. Thanks my friend for your positive comments, I found your blog motivated by my interest on the manufacture of the Bouzouki, here in Chile is very difficult to find this instrumento.Mi first bouzouki made by my father, but based on an amateur model
    what an awkward fingering.
    The other bouzoukis that are seen in the photos are no longer my dispocicion.
    Bouzouk now I purchased a Syrian, and I am researching how to transform it into a Greek Bouzouki I seek information on how to incorporate a handle to support it does not bend with the tension of the strings.
    I send you some pictures of this tool to know your opinion and experience
    As you can see, I am also a lover of bouzouki music and Greek general.y'm sad that I have not played bouzouki.

  6. Dear Tripolis,
    I am apologizing for the delay in my reply,.. I just saw your comment.

    Unfortunatelly I never received these photos your are talking baout.PLease resend them at

    Warm Regards


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