With the cold wave

Alternation on sound quality!

Some friends asked me the reason, for the noticeable difference of my bouzouki sound between my last recordings and the first one at my cousin' house back in October 31st.

During last week, the temperature in S.Florida dropped dramatically from 24.5-25.5 Celsius to 12-15 Celsius rising the relative humidity inside the house from 56% up to 64% (since the main air condition unit doesn't work)
I also noticed that the sound lost a little of its fullness and became a bit dull and "primo", proving for one more time how delicate and sensitive the bouzouki construction is.

It is time also, to change the strings, since the instrument still carries the original ones Giannis Tsoulogiannis had installed. This is another main reason, effecting the sound quality.

I believe the instrument will be stabilized at the new temperature and humidity levels and will re-create the full round sound of the first recordings.


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