Thoughts for Hybrid

Combining craftsmanship & great sound!


Few weeks before Christmas, I am in a great dilemma, between ordering the oriental tzoura or a " new " trichordo bouzouki.
The reason for changing my original decision, (creating the greatly anticipated oriental tzouras), was my Tsolis bouzouki. The craftsmanship on this instrument is exceptional and the idea to transform it from 4 course to 3 course bouzouki, keeping some of the most beautiful parts of the instrument intact, came one day as I was emailing to Giannis Tsoulogiannis.
The only reason I was selling my Tsolis bouzouki was the pursuit of a different sound. The thought of creating a "hybrid" instrument by the hands of two great luthiers it seems challenging but at the same time very attractive.
And since the thirst for the sound of 50s, has been satisfied, by obtaining my last tetrachordo, a different thirst for the sweet pre-war sound of old rebetiko has been established.

It remains to discover the cost of such an attempt, before making my final decision.


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