Theory in practice.

Small useful tips!

Here are some practical methods to protect your instrument during elevated values of dryness or humidity

During elevated values of dryness, where the relative humidity is < 35-40%

1.Tune your instrument one tone lower, since the forces from the strings to the neck are increasing, and the neck's length tends to shrink.

2.Wet a small tower, wring it well, and place it close to the neck without touching it, to increase the moisture of the air.


3.Purchase a humidifier

During eleveted values of huminity where the relative humidity is > 65-70%

1.Turn on the fan or the air condition, to circulate the air inside the room.

2.Place small cotton pouches full of rice or silicon small bags (silica gel) close to the neck inside the case to eliminate the moisture.


3.Purchase a de-humidifier


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