The Art Book

Original Illustrations!

The Art Book: Created by S.Dimis (c) 2011

The day I started this blog, back in May 2010, I never thought, not even for a moment, how I could earn money by using my hobby and skills in design.

My love for art has been proven many years ago, when I dropped my career in structural engineering , to follow a master degree in Special & Visual Effects. And I haven't regret it.

During this full year in posting , I frequently received inquires from friends and blog followers, asking me, if it was possible to send some original art work, in higher-resolution, so they could use it as wall-paper on their desktop. I was really, very flattered.

Recently, I received an inquiry from a client, to send all my original art work and designs, which are produced and posted in this blog, with the request to grant him the limited right, to use all original designs for public & commercial purposes.

Since, I was consuming time and effort, to put together more than 150 pieces of artwork, (half of them never show the light of a post), the idea of "The Art Book" was born !

As you can see at the left top of the blog, a new page has been created named "The Art Book" where you can find more information.

Some friends asked me:

What will change now in your posts of this blog?

Nothing at all ! My passion and love for the traditional music and art, cant compromise, cant get in limits and boxes. Yes, for the ones interested to use some of my instrument designs, for commercial use, "The Art Book" will always be available for purchase.

For all the rest followers and friends, who inspired me by their support and love, I will continue my quest to re-discover life's meaning, hidden behind the memories of an innocent age, which we all carry within us!

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