The pre-war sound!

And the final countdown!

Guitars:Created by SDimis (c) 2011

The luthier informed me today that since the varnish of my pre-war bouzouki has cured, the time to hear its sound is very close.

The anxiety has gone up to the roof once again, creating a Déjà vu (already seen), feeling inside me.I am re-living the same emotions I felt just days before I heard my four course bouzouki with the sweet sound of 50s.

As I wrote in an earlier post, during my visit to Giannis birth town, the luthier had mentioned, in a joking way that, this pre-war trixordo, when finished, will conquer my heart and mind.

I will wait with great anticipation luthier's video clip, to evaluate the authentic sound of the old rebetiko era.


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