Sound from the past

The Cafe Aman era!

The luthier was teasing me for almost a week before finally today, he had the opportunity to record a video clip of a song, played by the talented hands of Mr.Giorgos Kokkoris.

This 1928's song has been composed by Panagiotis Tountas and sung by Vaggelis Sofroniou and later by Ismini Diatsente.

As I wrote in an earlier post, passion, love and culture, are the elements necessary for someone to evaluate and assess the beauty of the pre-war's rebetika era minimalism, and sound.
I had to hear the clip 3 to 4 times,to be able to understand and evaluate the great ability and tone of its pre-war sound, played with great simplicity (δωρικοτητα) by Mr. Kokkori's hands.

And after hearing all of Giannis Tsoulogiannis three-course bouzouki video clips, I have to admit that this one has a unique sound which doesn't follow exaclty, the characteristic sound of luthier's creations.

Its sound transported me to the Cafe Aman era and the Smyrnaic style of Rebetiko (Asia Minor oriental style).

I am inviting once again friends and followers of this blog, to feel free to post their constructive criticism in the comment section, expressing their opinion regarding the sound of my latest bouzouki.

Κουκλακι μου
Played by Mr.Giorgos Kokkoris

And here the original song posted by kotsos32 on youtube


  1. Εμφανισιακά όπως πρέπει να είναι το σωστό μπουζούκι, επιπλέον ξερόσκαστος ήχος, τσαμπουκαλίδικη μπουργάνα.

    Γειά σου μάστορα μερακλή! Καλόπαιχτο Dimi, να το χαίρεσαι!

  2. Αγαπητε φιλε Πικινε,

    σε ευχαριστω πολυ για τις ευχες και τα καλα σου λογια. Γνωριζω πως εισαι λατρης του παλιου καλου ρεμπετικου, και θαυμαστης του Παναγιωτη Τουντα!

    Να σαι παντα καλα
    Χαιρετισμους στην πατριδα.


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