The representative of old Rebetiko!

Baglamadakia: Created by S.Dimis (c) 2011
If someone would ask me:
"Which instrument from the bouzouki family, is the most favorite one, and which is the less favorite?" I would have answered:

The miso-bouzouko (half bouzouki) and the tzouras, were always close to my heart, where baglamas or baglamadaki was never one of my favorite.

Baglamas is perhaps the most representative instrument of the old rebetiko era!
Its name is inextricably linked, with the prison, the teke, and the poor neighborhoods of Piraeus, Thessaloniki, and Athens,where ethnic Greeks immigrants settled, after the the Greco-Turkish War of 1919–1922, and the Asia Minor Disaster.

Its small size made it particularly popular with musicians who needed an instrument transportable enough to carry around easily, or small enough to shelter under a coat.
Many baglama instruments were made with improvised ways by prisoners , as they were serving their sentence inside prison.

Reading more and more information regarding this small musical instrument, I decided to create concept designs, which grabbed my attention.
Mulberry bowl created by only 7 staves, not fully round, in combination with beautiful plywood (kaplama) elements created by old rosewood root (ρίζα τριανταφυλλιάς).
And other ones, with mulberry bowl hollowed out from one piece of wood (skaftos construction)


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