Pictures worth 1000 words

And a very unique instrument design!

This post includes the final photos of my trixordo bouzouki (after the installation of the old style tail piece), which the luthier took inside his workshop, and posted today in his blog, accompanied with details of the materials and woods which have been used. (

I am completely satisfied with the work, and passion Giannis put in this latest instrument creation. For second time he has proven that, he can create quality instruments with amazing sound!
I would highly recommend this luthier to everyone who is planing to order a custom traditional instrument.

I would like also to take the opportunity,and reveal to the followers and friends of this blog, that the next instrument creation, which I am planing to order in the near future, it will be one of the most unique trixordo instrument designs, I ever conceived.
I am at the final process,tweaking the final details in design, and discussing with the luthier materials to be used, and ways of construction.


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