A boy, a mandolin, and his Papou !

Memories in the Bronx NY!

The doorsteps of the "Memories", reached a sweet, short- story,  regarding a young boy , his papou (grandfather) Alexandros, and a beautiful mandolin which the grandson guarded as a small treasure for the last 50 years.
The story does not talk about the well  known luthier, neither regarding his great craftsmanship and  skills.....The story is much deeper ....reveals something much more important; The bond between a grandson and his beloved Greek immigrant papou ! 

The boy,  Doug Zollo, remembers:

"This mandolin belonged to my mother, Olga Politis Zollo; Alexander and Theodora Politis' oldest daughter. 
The mandolin was not completely finished. In 1965 I took it to the music store where I worked, in Clearwater Florida, and fit it with machine heads, nut, bridge, tailpiece and strings. It has been hanging on a wall in each home where I have lived for the past 50 years."

"I have memories of taking papou (my grand father Alexander Politis) his lunch at his shop on Tremont Avenue in the Bronx, New York. I would walk the 2-3 short blocks from the apartment building where he lived on the Grand Concourse

My grandmother would be standing on the roof of the six story building yelling down to me in Greek: "-Douglas, be careful"."

Alexandros Politis  photo provided by his grand-daughter Stephanie Nicolaou


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