From Doric to the Art Deco style

A romantic style approach !

The luthier Andreas Dellios, finalized today his beautiful binding decoration, using rosewood wooden fillets, and natural sea-shell with semi-round shape, inlay.

As the sound board has been completed, the luthier formed the ebony fret-board, by measuring, cutting, and preparing the slots for the placement of the frets.

Even though the lower ending of the fret-board was designed to carry a similar endpoint shape as the original Politiko bouzouki, the luthier considered appropriate to include in the scale the higher note D in fret-board, extended its length by few cm, with an oblique cutting.

As the final version of this bouzouki instrument unfolds more and more, it starts clearly to emerge the conclusion that this second version of the Political bouzouki passes from the Doric simplistic and powerful sharp lines, which the first version was carrying, to a more romantic, modern style with traces of  Art Deco decoration.


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