Revealing the beauty

And a V1-V2 flashback !

The talented luthier Andreas Dellios, sent me today few more photos  from the construction  of his beautiful and unique Politiko bouzouki V2.

The rosewood capping strip has been decorated with semi-round shape , natural sea shells, following the same motif which we find on the binding strips of the soundboard. 

The neck has been covered with old rosewood plywood and at the " xelidoni " connection ( connection between the neck and the bowl) the luthier has placed  3 triangular shaped sea shell elements,  as the only reference and  reminder from its ancestor : the Politiko bouzouki Version I

The tradition requires, the old famous instrument makers, to varnish their instruments with the difficult and time consuming technique of "Gomolaka with mpala" (Shellac application with muneca or "French polishing" ).

The luthier started using this old technique on his Politiko bouzouki 
"The primary reason for using this kind of finish, is because, the shellac once been applied, dries almost instantly, and when several layers have been applied, is extra lightweight with a beautiful lustre, that allowed all the natural timbre and overtones of the sound woods to vibrate freely, and the rich fullness of sound to be set free. 
It is no coincidence that many of the incredible quality, beautiful and unique Stradivarius Violins were made with Shellac, although the exact formula is still unknown."

VI-VII flash back 


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