Andreas Dellios: The artist

Luthier's attention to details !

A great accomplishment by Andreas with  final wooden marquetry and natural sea shell carving work, seals the finalization of all the aesthetic elements which the Politiko bouzouki version II will carry.

Of course  we will wait for luthier's final strokes on this unique bouzouki creation, and the anticipation and the evaluation of his sound timbre and quality.

But up to this point Andreas has demonstrated loudly,  that he can easily be classified among the worthy successors of the Greek traditional musical instrument construction.

For one more time ,the underdog lutiers, demonstrate that where is talent, passion, love of research, commitment,  open mind and ears, the results are simply unique and successful, even when the last name is not famous,!

With a great confidence I strongly believe that Andreas Dellios is an amazing instrument maker.


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