The head of all head-stocks

A beautiful carved work !

Up to this  construction state of the Politiko V II, the luthier Andreas Dellios , has showcased the great skills and  talent he possesses in creating beautiful tear-shape molds from very old woods, extremely detailed decoration  on pick guard- using highest quality natural sea-shell,- and great attention to detail on creating unique binding design on the soundboard.

His last photos showcase one more ability which few traditional luthiers possess. The art of decorative carving,
The luthier, using the multi-facet technique similar to the one jewelers are using when cutting and forming the precious stones, he carved the shape of the head stock in different levels.

The results of this technique are simply stunning, reminding us similar techniques used on the old Laouta curved head-stocks,  created during the  last century by famous Traditional Greek luthiers.

And as I had mentioned on an earlier post, there is no comparison or competition between the two versions of the very unique Poltiko bouzouki created by the talented hands of Tasos Theodorakis and Andreas Dellios.
Both instruments are infused by the passion and the great skills of  two equally gifted luthier's from Northern Greece.


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