Alexandros Politis.The last chapter

Looking the master luthier of NY  for first time straight in the eyes!

On February 15th 2011 David Murray, a musician from Oakland California, owner of the beautiful blog, asked me if I had collected any information regarding an unknown luthier up to that day, named Alexandros Politis from NY.

That was the very first time I heard the name of A. Politis

On April 18th 2015 and after an intense research I revisited my notes regarding the luthier, and I posted a second article with many more information

This blog gave me the great opportunity to get in touch with one of luthier's relatives :
Alexandros' grandson, Mr.George Chaconas a  biochemist and microbiologist at the University of Calgary Canada, who helped me tremendously during my research time and I thank him for that.
But also the other relatives of his, who passed through  Mr Chaconas mouth, additional valuable information completing the missing puzzle

But,... in this last post regarding the master luthier, I decided to not write further information regarding luthiers' work, or luthier's instruments

To me is more than enough the important information Mr Chaconas shared in one of his last emails :

"Early in his career Alexandros worked for Epiphone guitars in NY.
The story I have heard from my mother and aunt was that my grandfather used to say that he taught the people at Epiphone many things about instrument making "

 I decided this post to be  rather a hymn of life to the man Alexandros Politis, and the love I clearly detected from his whole family regarding his legend and his story.

Alexandros Politis undoubtedly was a master luthier, but most importantly was a man who has been loved greatly by his whole family.

And this fact, is the greatest accomplishment in life.
Alexandros Politis still lives vividly in the memories of Mr Chaconas family and his relatives

As an epilogue I am posting the very rare photos of the man Alexandros, with the wish that in the future our paths will cross once again !

A.Politis in his workshop NY

A.Politis playing his guitar

A.Politis with his wife Theodora

One of his favorite bouzouki


  1. I like this post to a master luthier, it shows great respect and admiration. I have never heard of him, but now I am glad I have. To Alexandros Politis.

  2. Thank you very much for your kind feedback !

  3. Παρακαλώ, - Well deserved.

  4. I play a cheap bouzouki, its still made perfect. I'm from England living in Cyprus and luthiers like Alexandros Politis as far as I am concerned should live for ever and ever to make bouzoukis.


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