As the journey ends.

I earn much more!

Giannis surprised me today by sending two more photos of the tuned and finished bouzouki!
All materials been used, blended harmonically by the luthier's hands, giving this beautiful aesthetic result.

Exactly 3 months later, as it has been promised , my instrument is finally completed.

Just few days before Giannis sends me a recorded video with the sound of it, I am evaluating the beautiful journey I shared through this blog, with all of you.

I must say that in the end, I earned much more than what I was expecting!

A luthier friend, with whom I enjoyed having great discussions around the secrets of the traditional lutherie, but also shared life experiences, opinions and views .

Tens of friends around the globe, who followed and embraced so warmly, the memories of an innocent era, and my passion for traditional music.

And if this journey, hopefully ends successfully in couple of days, another journey will soon start .

Just sit tight, until the final post of the video recording, and take the opportunity to evaluate with me the sound of my instrument through your comments.


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