Gel gel kayıkçı

The man, the patriot, the musician!

Sailing to the Harem's Lake:Created with 3D software by SDimis

Today, I passed my time at the work, with the company of rebetiko oriental tunes.
One song captivated my mind and transferred me to the unknown land of "Harem's Lake".
I saw the "kayikci" with his boat passing me over to the shores of Constantinople, during a night with full moon.I felt my love strong for the exotic beauty,Giouzel Hanum. And I decided to save and liberate her from the dark and wet harem-cells.

"O kaixis", a song written by the great musician Apostolo Xatzichristo (1904 - 1959) , became the reason to create the above 3D scene.

Ο καιξης - Χατζηχρηστος- Βαμβακαρης, posted on youtube by kotsos32

Apostolos Xatzichristos, undoubtedly stands among the few top-popular composers, and certainly holds the position at the forefront in the pantheon of musicians and performers of rembetiko !

His descent from the Asia Minor, his personal musical experiences, the classical musical education, the hardships of war and captivity, the pain of immigration and forced to become refugee, and finally his tortured and martyred life became the catalyst for a great and wonderful repertoire of rebetiko songs!


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