As the research continues

Eyes on the design!

Eyes on you:Created with 3D software by SDimis
After researching the Internet for days, and sketching one idea after the other, I finally reached the last stage of my tzoura design.I counted more than 25 unsuccessful tries, before I had a breakthrough, and finally design something unique.I collected more than 50 inspired images of oud, laouto, bulgari, saz, tzoura and three course bouzouki, from respectable luthiers of Greece and aboard.

I also finalized the most important milestones:

1.The decoration motive of the instrument, will have simple geometrical shapes, as the ones been used in the Egyptian-Turkish traditional instruments.

2.Acetopasta or acrylic Celluloid will not be used.Instead, fillets of natural woods will be used to create decoration, binding and trims.

3.The sound hole will be decorated with a beautiful wooden rosette.

4.The bowl will be created by very old mulberry woods, and will have much deeper profile (gonato).Other woods to be used:Ebony, rosewood, linden, maple.

5.Headstock and tail piece will also have a very unique shape.

6.The length of the string will be approx. 59-60 cm, to give the characterized oriental sound at the bass, and the strong sweet sound at the treble.

A very important factor/parameter to be taken in consideration, for the final decision, is the cost of this beautiful (on paper) tzoura.If the cost reaches the scale of a bouzouki construction, then my plans will have to be postpone for some months.


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