On the Feast of Theotokos Dormition

Came a feast to my ears!

On the 15th day of August, every year, faithful around the globe, celebrate the Dormition/Assumption of the Theotokos (Virgin Mary)
{Feast of the Dormition/Assumption of the Mother of God}.
It is a public holiday in many countries, including Greece, Lebanon, Italy, Malta, Belgium, Portugal, France, Spain, and Chile.

Giannis chose this special day, to send me the video recording of my bouzouki, played by the talented hands of Mr.Giorgos Kokkoris.

I was planing to be hard in my criticism, writing my objective opinion in this blog, if the sound was not what I was looking for.This long journey was always accompanied by strong emotions.
Enen tho the bouzouki is couple of days old and hasnt "cured", I have to admit, that the sound, captivated mind and soul, and made my hands literally to sweat! A journey for more than 25 years has finally come to its end, and sweet memories of my childhood years with beloved departed ones, became alive once again.

Except the deep, loud, clear sound of 50s, with the great ability to sustain over time, the characteristic sound of the "A" strings ( second strings-"LA"), is what made my heart to melt.
Its being said by famous bouzouki luthiers in Greece, that the ability to create an instrument, with a beautiful crisp sound at the second pair of strings ("A" tune-"LA"), can prove the talent of its luthier.

I am inviting friends and followers of this blog, to feel free and post their constructive criticism in the comment section, expressing their opinion regarding the sound of my latest bouzouki.
This way, I will finally have the opportunity to hear your voice for first time, and the ability to transform this blog from a memories monologue , to an interactive dialogue between people who share the same passion and sensitivity for the traditional music.

Posted on youtube by GiannisT75


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