Tzoura's crash test

Back to square one!

Oriental tzouras:Created with3D software by SDimis

After finalizing the shape and decoration of my tzoura, I decided to create an identical model inside the 3d software, where I would be able to see its construction, materials, details and aesthetics from any dimension and any angle, before my instrument its being physically made.

It was a kind of instrument' s crash test, before placing my final order.I have to admit that the results of it, were not as excited as expected.I also have to admit that my visit to the web pages of two traditional luthiers of Thessaloniki and their unique oriental creation, design and finish on oud, tampoura and tzoura instruments, became a sparkle of inspiration for further development, and re-evaluation.
Above, you can see a 3D image from my finalized tzoura's crash test, which left me short in emotions.
Back to the drawings, back to square one!


  1. Spiro, if it is appropriate, could you name the Thessaloniki's luthiers?

  2. Hi Fotis,

    primarily was Jannis Alexandri's & secondly was Tasos Theodoraki's traditional instrumemnts creations.


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