Back in college years

Accordingly to my budget!

Engineering years: Created with 3D software by SDimis

I had the privilege these days, to talk through emails, with some of the most respected luthiers in traditional lutherie, especially the ones, well known for the characterized beautiful sound of their 3 course bouzouki, bulgari, santouri and oud creations.

Even tho tzouras belongs in the bouzouki family and its construction is very similar to the bouzouki, my desire to create one with a unique oriental sound and design, will demand the hands of a maker who has the knowledge and experience, not only in bouzouki making, but also on other traditional instruments, especially the ones of oriental origin.
Between them, off course Giannis Tsoulogiannis, who fulfills these requirements, and he is the creator of my beautiful 4 course bouzouki.

The unique design of this tzoura, the use of very old woods for its construction , and natural wood fillets for its decoration, have brought the price of the instrument at the levels of a good bouzouki.

I had to get down on paper and remember my college years in structural engineering , when everything was under budget, and calculations had to be made, before taking any further decision.

Some luthiers where more pricey than others.Few of them where very expensive, but most of them estimated the cost of my tzoura at the same level.
Some of the expensive luthiers gave me the promise to create an instrument with great sound, strong construction but also with great details and finish.
Others proposed to change some of the instruments characteristics and materials, so they could bring the price down.
Finally few , estimated the instruments' cost at the levels of an expensive bouzouki, since they would need to create a new mold (mitra) for the "gonato" bowl shape.

At this point my budget allows me to sacrifice some of the great finish rather the great sound, or the characteristics of my tzoura.

Giannis Tsoulogiannis being at the top of my favorite makers list, proposed, to take my decision after I 'll receive my bouzouki and after I have created a complete opinion regarding its sound, construction, playability.I agreed with his suggestion, asking him as a favor, to keep at his possession until my final decision, the very old mulberry woods he owns , dated 2-3 centuries ago.


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