The stone wall

And the last shots!

I was happy to find out that Giannis, returned this weekend from his summer vacations, and sent me two more photos from the final stages of my instrument.

Dedicated to perfection he re-done the headstock finish, by leaving the sides of the karavola, with a beautiful honey-brown color which fits perfectly to the colors and aesthetics of the bowl.

Also he re-done the decoration of the headstock keeping the same design but adding much more details.

1. Beautiful honey-brown color at the thickness of headstock

Finally, the frets have been installed, trimmed flush with the end of the fretboard, filed smooth, and leveled.

These, are the last shots of my instrument before I 'll hear its sound.

I know well that Giannis, always photographs his instruments at their last stage, resting on the beautiful stone wall of his workshop.

2.The famous stone wall with my bouzouki.


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