10,000 Thank you!

And the inside story!

A year ago, when I started this blog, I could never imagine, that my memories, my passion, and my quest to find the sound of an old rebetiko era, could attract so many followers & fellow friends, from all over the world.

Thinking back in time, and after 25 years in research, the decision to create this blog came in a blink of an eye, without too much serious thought, one night, sitting in front of my computer, feeling the exact same instinct, as the one I felt when I was ordering my next bouzouki instrument from a not-famous up to then, luthier from the Laconic mainland.

Coming back from work, been daily involved in innovative projects & development and the latest technology , I found that this blog was for me an escape, an oasis, a time machine which could turn back time, and lead me to an old era full of purity, traditions, simplicity, and innocence.
It was a balance between, my career from one hand, which was focusing on the technology of the future , and my soul which has been focused in the beauty of the past.

As I wrote in an earlier post, I hope this blog will become the starting spark, for these same friends with passion in traditional music, to create their own blog, exchange views and experiences, communicate and learn from each other, share the stories behind their instruments!

10,000 clicks, are equal to 10,000 thank you, to all the friends & followers from the 4 corners of the planet. They are the ones, who kept me company in this life quest, helping me to explore the beauty of traditional music, but to an extension, to re-discover life's meaning, hidden behind the memories of an innocent age, which we all carry within us!


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