Meeting the luthier

Part II:The luthier, the researcher, the friend!

Like I have written on my earlier post, my 25 years journey to re-discover the sound of the 50's era, gave me much more, than just a beautiful bouzouki instrument, and the passion for traditional music.

One of this journey's fruits, was my friendship with the luthier Giannis Tsoulogiannis,with whom I enjoyed having great discussions around the secrets of the traditional lutherie, but also shared life experiences, opinions and views .

My visit to Giannis birth town, verified for one more time, that luthier's character, ethics and values in life, count almost the same as talent and skills, when ordering a custom instrument.

His simplicity, warm character, and generous hospitality, sealed a friendship between us, which started almost a year ago, and hundred of emails back.

For him, I wasn't just another customer, a sale transaction, or an instrument order number. I was a traveler in a music quest, a pilgrim who was looking for his "Holy Grail", following the same footsteps, as others did, in discovering the beauty of traditional music, and the art of instrument making.
And the hopeful message is that, Giannis isn't the only luthier with these great qualities in life.
I had the pleasure through all of these years, to meet luthiers with the same morality, passion, honesty and love for their work of art.

As my trip to Greece ends, great memories from my visit to luthier's town, will keep me company, as these photos from the beautiful Laconic mainland, will be engraved for years in my mind.

Workshop's metal fence

Castle of Mystra's gate

Caste of Mystra's church

Coffee and sweets under Mistra's rocks

A. Stathopoulo's house


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