The first post from Greece

My first impression!

After overcoming, the 18 hrs flight and the jetlag from the overseas trip, I was able to start enjoying my vacation time with family and friends.
Even though my sprain ankle accident, is still under healing process, which is limiting me from extensive walk, the visit to historical places, the taste of great traditional food with good company and music, has helped me tremendously to recharge some percents of my energy's reservoir.

After 3 years, a lot of things have changed. At a first glimpse, everything looks the same, with people enjoying their daily lives, cafe places and restaurants full of customers, and shoppers holding the latest trends in style. Looking a little closer and discussing with friends and family, the truth is completely different:

Professionals with great potentials and high education, are preparing for the greatest immigration in modern Greek history. Trying to find a better, more secure future, they departure to other, developed European countries, escaping from a bankrupt economy and a country where everything is unsecure, and the principals of meritocracy(αξιοκρατια), justice and fairness are lost.

What a sadness, in a country with such a unique history, civilization, culture, ideas and spirit which have been followed by peoples and nations from all over the world, the latest examples in modern Greek history, will be examples, to be avoided!

Traveling to the famous area of Sparta this coming weekend, I will be able to finally meet with the luthier Giannis Tsoulogiannis at his workshop, take a lot of pictures from his traditional creations and exchange ideas regarding my pre-war style trixordo which is under development.
A great opportunity to also hold in my hands old traditional instruments of last century, which luthier has in his possession.


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