Revising the pickguard decoration

The majestic beauty of simplicity!

Today, Giannis sent me more photos from the bouzouki development.
After cutting, fitting, and gluing the old rosewood pick guard on the soundboard, he placed the ebony fretboard on the neck, and he cut the fret slots. He also started to shape the fret inlays (tsampoukades), made by Mother of Pearl, in a very beautiful and unique old style design.

Originally, I had designed a flower decoration for the pick guard, which luthier had already created from an old cypress wood, and he had fitted inside an original pick guard.

But after some though, I decided to leave the pick guard completely empty, without any decoration. The wooden marquetry of the rosette and the wooden fillets around the soundboard, will be the only decoration elements, following this way the style and the simplicity of the pre-war era.

On another note, a great excitement was waiting me at home. By changing the strings on my tetrachordo bouzouki, I felt in love once again, with its exceptional, sweat, and loud sound.
As the time passes, its sound becomes more mature, more full, with a great, clear, chap, which lately I can feel on my stomach and lungs, as a strong vibration wave.
I can not take my hands away, especially from the A (LA) strings, which are generating a completely unique timbre of sound!


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