At " Lamprou" Tavern

A basement full of traditional aroma!

From my trip to Greece, I remembered today, the small, old, tavern (Oινομαγειρειο-Λάμπρου) located in a basement of Sparta, named "Lamprou".

I had the fortune to discover it by accident, and the joy, to taste its delicious traditional dishes, cooked and served by two brothers (in their 50s now), who are continuing their father's business, faithful to the local recipes, cooking with natural, local, ingredients, most of which (ingredients) are produced by the two brother's little farm.
Opened its doors in 1938, this little tavern,(counting just 9 tables), continues to serve its local customers for more than 70 years, with amazing traditional delicacies.

In this little tavern, the time feels as it has stopped for years, giving to the visitor the opportunity to easily imagine, when the pre-war rebetes were its daily customers.
A must see (eat) place, if you ever visit the famous, historic area of Sparta!

I still have in my mouth the taste of the soft , juicy, perfectly cooked, roasted lamb with lemony potatoes, the wild vegetables from the Taygetos mountains covered in virgin olive oil (produced by the two brothers), and the tasteful heart of artichokes, cooked in a pot with lemon juice, olive oil, scallions, dill, and small potatoes.(Anginares à la Polita). Finally the rose-color, semi-sweet home made wine, aged in an old barel, satisfied my thirst from the long road trip to Sparta.


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