On the other side of the sea

Recharging my memories!

The departure day, for the 2 weeks trip back to family in Greece, has finally come.

Three years later, a lot of things have changed back home. Tough economical times, have created a very negative perception of life. I hope in this trip, I will be able to still find elements of purity, tradition and sincerity.

Away from the city lights, in a small travelogue with family and friends, I will be visiting places and villages, where I grew up and lived, recharging my memories, with the wisdom of simple, ordinary people, from the province and the countryside.

And I will enjoy through their warm hospitality and company, the traditional food and music, in an effort to reconnect with my roots. A vital process for every one who has immigrated to foreign lands.

I will see you all, on the other side of the sea!


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