130 years of bouzouki evolution!

And the three bouzouki movements!

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to take all my bouzouki instruments out of their cases, for regular inspection.
I thought to grab my camera and imprint in a single shot 130 years of bouzouki evolution.
Definitely bouzouki has come a long way. And in this memorable photograph it is obviously clear the influence which bouzouki took from other musical instruments through its life time.

From the saz, tanbur, and the ancient musical instruments constructed in the region of Mediterranean sea and Middle East, to its influence from Neapolitan mandolin and the West world, to its final influence from guitar, bouzouki meant to be an instrument in constant motion and evolution!

I would like to express at this point, a personal opinion/assumption which is based in no historical evidences.It is just a feeling I carry with me for some time now, and I'm sure has many inaccuracies.

Accordingly to this assumption, in the history of bouzouki creation, they were three (3) Genres, movements of bouzouki construction!
These three movements generated three different musical instruments, which we all call bouzouki.

1. The oriental bouzouki, influenced by ancient musical instruments of Middle East (hybrid forms as the tabourobouzouko)

2. The western bouzouki, influenced by Mandola and Neapolitan mandolin

3. And the mainland bouzouki, influenced by lafta, laouto (hybrid forms as the laoutobouzouko)

With the word "Greek" I would call, the last category, and here is where I make the big assumption.
This is how I feel in my heart. This opinion is not a conclusion of historical evidence and scientific research.
As I stated earlier, this is a personal assumption which may be completely incorrect.


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