An open invitation!

Reaching out, to new, and old friends!

Music, connects.Created by S.Dimis (c)2012

The two bouzouki listings on eBay, brought unexpectedly to the blog, a new group of friends from USA and Canada.

These past 8 days, I received emails from bouzouki enthusiasts, congratulating me for the blog, asking me questions regarding the tampourobouzouko and the laoutobouzouko construction, but also revealing their stories, their love, and their personal experiences which connected them to the bouzouki instrument .

Some of them, professional players, some others, private collectors , and most of them enthusiasts like me , carrying a great love for the Greek traditional lutherie.

What the "Memories of the innocent age" did not succeed for more than 2 years, an eBay listing did, in a week!

When I started this blog, my ultimate desire and goal was, to create a dynamic dialogue, between the writer and the followers.

I wanted to give the ability to the followers to write a part of this blog's posts, by contacting me and revealing their stories, their life experiences in music, and their love and passion for the traditional musical instruments. These stories, I could pass anonymously in a future post.

I watched on my blog's stats for two years now, followers from Japan , China, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, New Zealand, Australia, Africa , India , Pakistan, Bangladesh, Russia, Kuwait, Israel, Palestine, Cyprus , Turkey, Armenia, Greece, Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, FYROM, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Lithuania, Estonia, United Kingdom, Ireland, Argentina, Mexico, Panama, Bahamas, Canada, USA and so many other places, to visit regularly my blog and follow with dedication, every post I wrote.
And always I felt the desire to reach out to them and kindly ask them, to speak back to me, asking them for their feedback and their stories, which made them  followers of my memories, and companions of my journey.

I tasted this sweet experience by few old members, and some new ones, recently,  through the eBay listing.
My invitation will remain open for all the rest!
May this blog become one day, an interactive medium, which will bring people who love music much closer to each others!


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