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 Redirection of development!

" Stathopoulos' workshop"
The photograph is being taken from the doctoral thesis of Petros Moustakas

The last couple of days, I noticed that my desire and anxiety to create as soon as possible, the museum quality, hybrid laoutobouzouko of 1880s, pushed me to revise the price of my two Tsoulogiannis bouzouki listed on Ebay, to lower levels.

I took a step back, and I understood that my attempt to create the 1880s laoutobouzouko, (based on strong historical evidence I have collected), was coming from my desire to publicly share with the followers of this blog, a part of history, which is been forgotten, or unknown for more than 130 years.

But the economical sacrifice I have been asked to take, at this point of time, may not worth the risk.
To me, the 1880s historic laoutobouzouko, is a real instrument, since its  design and specifications have been completed in my digital files. I can see it, and I can almost feel, and hear its unique sound.

The two Tsoulogiannis' instruments will stay on Ebay for sometime, at a reasonable price, taking in consideration the global economical crisis which occurs now days. In case  these instruments will be sold, then the creation of the hybrid laoutobouzouko will become a reality.

Unexpectedly, the Politiko bouzouki is also up for sale for a short period of time, since I am discussing with the luthier Tasos Theodorakis, the creation of a  Beta Version, of this beautiful and unique, hybrid bouzouki.


  1. Καλησπέρα φίλε μου,χαίρομαι πολύ που τα ξαναλέμε,χαθήκαμε λίγο, σου εύχομαι καλό χειμώνα και να είσαι πάντα καλά!

  2. Καλησπερα μαστορα,
    πραγματι χαθηκαμε

    Καλο χειμωνα ,με ομορφες κατασκευες, και υγεια!

  3. Congrats for the blog as well as your designs.
    I can't help wondering (and I am sorry if the question sounds invasive) why you keep mentioning your need for research while one can argue that, the main source of understanding and knowledge is playing on those instruments.I know it's none of my business (and please feel free to delete this) but, are you sure that, in your efforts to learn more about all this, you are not slightly underestimating the practical value of those instruments? i mean, you have hardly played the Politiko and you are putting it up for sale, so you can build another one and learn more about the style.
    My opinion?Practice on it...for a long time, don't give it away before you feel you have gained something as a performer out of it. That's the best way of learning a bit more, in my humble opinion.It looks good, plays well, you might as well spend some time learning each other...
    Again, sorry to invade, all the best

  4. Dear anonymous

    Thank you for contacting and expressing your opinion.

    I will partially agree with you. There is a lot to learn by practicing and playing with a musical instrument.
    At the end , it is a time when the instrument stops to serve just the practical role of producing sound and music , and becomes an extension of the player and his character.

    In my case, things are slightly different .
    As an artist , you never stop to revise , and perfect your creation.
    As a researcher, you never stop experimenting new ways and novel ideas.

    As a player , I would need only one instrument to play .The beautiful Politiko bouzouki which you admire, would never had become a reality if I had stopped at the creation of my first tetrachordo bouzouki. Or the creation of the Prewar trichordo.

    It is these refine details I see as an artist and an "amateur researcher ", which make me want to go one step further every time .

    At the end, is the journey to Ithaca, (as Kavafis said) which I desire the most, rather its final destination !

    Or maybe, through this unexpected journey, I still haven't found the instrument which will captivate me completely for a lifetime and transform me from a bouzouki enthusiast to a bouzouki player. But I have to admit that the Prewar trichordo , and the Politiko , are very close to my final destination.
    I will strongly agree with you that the Politiko deserves much more time on my hands, before thinking to put it up for sale, especially if someone calculates the time , passion and effort that both , luthier and I , deposit for its creation. It is a fine, but to me important detail, which been overseen in this version.

    And this moment in time will approach soon, when the last chapter of the "Memories of the innocent age " , will come to its end. Remains one final bouzouki creation!


  5. Thank you for your reply. First of all, i didn't mean to be Anonymous, but i can't figure out what happened to my google profile. You know me as ALK i believe.
    Indeed, progress happens because of those not satisfied with what they have and I do admire your constant desire to search for more. However, I think differently where it comes to the ultimate instrument, the one and only perfect instrument for each player. I simply don't think such instrument exists! In my musical life i've had several and I never stop looking for instruments that suggest different things to me as a player.A great instrument will show different paths and hopefully add a few more words to our musical vocabulary. So, having "the perfect instrument" would mean the end of this incredibly interesting process, which is why i suggested to use your Politiko.
    I guess your path though is different to mine. At the moment I am waiting for my 1921 Stathopoulo (quite damaged unfortunately but it's all there) to be restored, I think you would enjoy examining photos. It's a hybrid between mandolin-shaped and laouto-shaped instruments. The body is rather broad, more lute-shaped than other Stathopoulo instruments but the top has the mandolin-type bend.Hopefully when we finally hear the sound we'll get a better idea.Never seen one like that.
    I wish you all the best with your research and thank you for taking the time to reply.

    1. Of course I remember you Alex!

      I follow your posts especially regarding the pre war bouzoukia

      I would say that our paths are rather very close .
      I am not lucky to possess an A. Stathopoulo, much more a hybrid of his from 1920s

      I would greatly enjoy seen some of your unique instrument photos , and share a post of your personal journey on my blog, if so you desire.

      I wrote that our paths may not be so far apart, as my next and final creation it is an instrument inspired by the same famous luthier's family.

      And I am wondering how close your hybrid is, to the hybrid I have designed and have kept in my digital files.

      I wish one day our paths will cross, so we can exchange stories and play a couple of good old Rebetiko songs( even tho my ability is extremely rusty)

      Take care

  6. Φιλε Σπυρο δε με ξαφνιαζει ιδιαιτερα το γεγονος οτι τα πουλας ολα για να φτιαξεις κατι νεοτερο!

    Σε εκοψα...εισαι ταξιδευτης.Σε συναρπαζει να ταξιδευεις μεσα απο τη δημιουργια και μολις φτασεις στην υπολοιηση...δλδ τον προορισμο...βουρ για νεες περιπετειες!!!

    Εμπρος...εγω ακολουθω:)

    1. Geia sou file Dimitri,

      na kai kapoios pou me katalavainei!;)

      Makari na kratousa ola ta organa. Alla the erxotan i stigmi pou de tha xwragame sto spiti.
      Etoimazomai na ftiaksw me to Tsoulogianni, ena Stathopoulo, me spasto kapaki, mikro hxeio, mikri klimaka sta 63-64cm. Afto, mallon duskola tha to poulisw!


    2. Αναβιωση του Σταθοπουλου λοιπον:)
      Ωραιο εγχειρημα...εδω ειμαστε να ξερεις!
      Παρακολουθουμε το ταξιδι!

    3. Mazi sto taksidi, opws panta.

      Anaviwsi enos Anastasiou Stathopoulou, emploutismeno me tin ksexwristi omorfia, leptomeria, kai finirisma tou daskalou tou Iwanni!
      Kai otan tha fanei ti o daskalos(Iwannis)eftiaxne panw sta bouzoukia, tote o kathenas tha katalavei to megaleio tou oxi toso onomastou ksaderfou!


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