Evaluating the Politiko!

Part 2: Sound!

As I had promised, I recorded a very quick sample of my bouzouki sound, which I am posting together with my final review on Tasos Theodorakis tabourobouzouko. I used my i phone for this recording. I apologize since some of its sound quality is been lost due to the sound compression.

Also, due to the long trip and for security reasons, the instrument traveled un-tuned for 18 days. It will take couple of weeks, until the sound reaches the quality levels which the bouzouki had before leaving luthier's workshop.

Its sound quality, the sustain ability, and the sound clarity are exceptional, as everyone would expect from an instrument created by a famous luthier.

But for this instrument, I would like to focus mostly on its timbre.
Its sound is a complexion between the sound of a sweet trichordo bouzouki, a husky voice of a tzoura, and a hissing, cloudy, oriental sound of a tampoura.
It is very difficult to explain the combination of a flooded but the same time bright, full of chap sound that this instrument produces, especially at the middle and low (bass) tones . At the high notes, the sound becomes more sweet and bright.

I would characterize Tasos Theodorakis instrument as creations faithful to traditional design, with respect to the natural treated materials, exceptional finish, and with a very unique and beautiful sound.

In a quick comparison of the sound between  the pre-war style trichordo bouzouki (created by G.Tsoulogiannis) and the Politiko bouzouki (created by T.Theodorakis), I would say that the pre-war produces a more sweet, woody, crisp sound, where the Politiko produces a more middle eastern, cloudy, husky but the same time bright sound.

 I hope the following sample of fast recordings, will help you understand the uniqueness of the Politiko sound.
I also need to practice more holding properly its tampoura shape bowl, get used to its very narrow neck, and its very low action.(sometimes I was hitting the pick-guard with the pick)


  1. Καλορίζικο και καλόπαιχτο !!!!!!!

  2. Σε ευχαριστω να σαι πάντα καλα !


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