Decoration of the Steriano bouzouki

Decoding its difference from the Politiko design!

 Geometrical decorative pattern.Created by SDimis (c)2012

To soothe my anxiety from the anticipation of the Politko bouzouki arrival, I turned myself back into the design of the Steriano laoutobouzouko.

The limitation to use decorative elements and fillets, created mostly by wood shades, restricted me from the use of designs with inlays made by Mother of Pearl.

The dynamic in decoration between the Politiko tampourobouzouko and the Steriano laoutobouzouko is completely different.

The tampourobouzouko, been mainly influenced by tamboura, sazi, boulgari,and oud, takes elements from oriental designs originated from Middle East, Arabia, Egypt and Asia Minor. The use of mother of pearls, and geometrical shapes in decoration, is one of its characteristics. These elements are easily identified, on my Politko bouzouki.

The laoutobouzouko, been influenced mostly by the mainland laouto,is borrowing also a few elements from the classical guitar and Neapolitan mandolins of that era. It uses decorative elements created by wood veneer, and familiar patterns for binding and purfling, as the herringbone pattern, which been used broadly by the great luthiers A.Stathopoulos and I.Stathopoulos. 


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