Lost in design.

The Politiko travels over the Atlantic Ocean!

 Wooden inlay for pick-guard decoration. Created by SDimis (c) 2012

Last week, Tasos Theodorakis informed me that, the final chapter of the Politiko bouzouki's journey, has began.

Five thousand miles later, and with the hope of a safe trip, I will finally be able to hold in my hands, the 1880s hybrid tabourobouzouko.

And, as I always did in the past, I will write an honest and detailed review, regarding its construction, and sound.

From the other hand, I had to put on hold the design of the Steriano laoutobouzouko.

At this point, all attempts designing a unique historical 1880s laoutobouzouko, following strong evidence, have failed!

The explanation may be simple.
The historical evidence I have collected for this instrument are so many, and so clear that, any attempt creating a unique OAK hybrid bouzouki , brings me back to the original resources.

During the design process of the hybrid tampourobouzouko , I collected information from a lot of different resources, especially looking and examining museum pieces, motif, and patterns of that era.

None of the elements placed on the Politiko bouzouki, were coincidentally! The final design was a successful, well balanced puzzle, of all these information.
But the final concept was at the same time unique, without following the design of any existing hybrid tampourobouzouko.

This is not the case with the Steriano laoutobouzouko.
I will have to step back for a while, and digest first, all of the strong historical information I have collected.

After that, I will be ready, to create a unique design, which will follow all technical specifications of the historical findings, without reproducing a "cheap" copy of the hybrid laoutobouzouko.


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