All in the blender

Famous luthiers' mix!

A combined inspiration from respectful luthiers as : Giannis Karvouni's gonato tzoura bowl shape, Jannis Alexandri's oud decoration, Giorgos Karella's sound hole rosette, Dimitris Rapakousio's headstock shape, Tasos Theodoraki's tampoura mulberry bowl, and Nikos Fronimopoulo's wood fillets of trim, became the reason for my latest designs.

I tried to blend all elements in such a way to not create a "Frankenstein" instrument. Additional work in development will be needed, before generating another 3D model and evaluating its design.

Unsuccessful Tzoura design:Created with 3D software by SDimis


Latest tzoura design:Created with 3D software by SDimis


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