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Approximately two weeks, before Giannis Tsoulogiannis will start packaging my custom made bouzouki, to send it overseas , I have started to have second thoughts regarding the shipping method.

The more I am investigating the conditions of shipment through ELTA, the more I worry for this long journey which includes, the inland trip by car from Gianni's location in Lakonia to the main postal services of ELTA in Athens, the airplane transportation from Athens' E.Venizelos airport to NY customs, and the flight from NY to S.Florida.

My custom made Karolos Tsakirian bouzouki, created by the famous luthier in 2000, was shipped from Athens to USA, with the same method, and came to my hands intact. Luthier had packed the bouzouki and case inside a strong cardboard box full of news papers and foam peanuts, wrapped outside with a strong plastic wire for easy access in handling.He also had put "Handle with care" "Fragile" and "Direction this side up" stickers, all around the box.

After discussing with Gianni this isssue , we agreed that we may follow the same packaging procedure, hopping that the bouzouki will reach its destination in mint condition.

If anyone of the blog's friends, has a similar experience receiving his instrument overseas, and he wants to share his thoughts and advices regarding shipment method, it would be greatly appreciated, in the comments section of this post.


  1. Hi Spyro,

    just to support your thinking and encourage you, I let you know my latest experience.

    A kinda "old" bouzouki bought through ebay delivered to me in Athens from Massachussets. The 'journey' lasted 10 days and there was no bouzouki case whatsoever!!

    But, the music dealer had wrapped the bouzouki very well including foam peanuts. The bouzouki arrive intact.

    So, I think there are no worries even if Giannis uses his local Lakonia ELTA service. I strongly disagree that something will dramatically(!) change or will be quicker if he uses the cenral ELTA service in Athens.


    το μπουζούκι φυσάει, το είδα και το άκουσα - και λίγο το έπαιξα - αν δεν σε πειράζει!!-.

    (Trans.: your bouzouki rocks! I saw it, heard it and played a Hiotis' instrumental on it).


  2. Dear Fotis,

    Thank you very much for the prompt reply and the feedback regarding your experience in bouzouki shipment.

    Thank you also for your kind words!!...ofcourse I did not mind at all that you played the instrument.. too bad Giannis did not recorded as I would love to hear a Hiotis intrumental on it.

    I am admiring the beautiful old mulberry woods Giannis is using for your bouzouki bowl!! What a beauty!!

    Looking forward to see and hear your intrument.

    warm regards


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