Big decision day!

Saying goodbye to a great instrument!

My custom made Xristos Tsolis Bouzouki

After a lot of thinking, I finally decided to sell the beautiful custom made bouzouki I have in my possession from 2005, created by the hands of the famous luthier Xristos Tsolis, which is located in mint condition at my family's house in Greece.
This way, I would be able to secure enough money and build without any compromising the Eastern/Oriental tzoura I am planing to order these days.

I have only great memories from my interaction with Xristos Tsolis, a luthier whose talent and passion in traditional lutherie, is well known among professional bouzouki players and owners.

I remember his effort in creating the sound board decoration, and the hours of research he put down, to select the natural shells and ivory. Also, his decision to create custom made fret inlays, inspired from props of Kragiozi's design.

And I will always memorize, the beautiful old woods of mulberry and rosewood he used for the creation of the bowl, separating them with fine double fillets.

The finish in this instrument is superb, and the sound of it, is the sweet middle sound characterizing all of X. Tsoli's bouzoukia.

I posted an ad in Rebetiko Forum, hopping that this beauty will become a great companion to a person with passion and sensitivity for the traditional music.

As the journey continues, some losses will become necessary in reaching the final destination.


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