At Irene's house ( A casa d 'Irene)

First international music sounds!

Going back in time, I keep very close to my heart, the memories of a magical grey box, with two plastic cylinders on the top, and lot of small attractive buttons, which had grabbed my attention from the first time I laid my eyes on it, and every time my father was listening his music. It was the time I 've been introduced to international music sounds!

Years later I realised that, this magical grey box, was nothing else than the beautiful Grundig reel to reel tape recorder TK8, my father had purchased with all his savings back in 1956.

Unfortunately, 30 years later my father left it to a local shop in Greece to fix one of the damaged heads, and it never returned to its original condition.

Grundig TK8. Photo credit:www.

And the favorite song I loved to hear over and over, was the great Italian song recorded by the amazing voice of Nico Fidenco : A Casa d'Irene.

A song with the power to reverse time in seconds, sending me back to my childhood years, everythime I listen to it.

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