Feeling more than thinking!

Final oriental tzoura: Created with 3D software by SDimis

I never thought that the construction of an oriental tzoura, could drag me deep into, so many different design approaches.

I had to step back for a moment, and start feeling rather than thinking. The more I was thinking, the more combinations of shape and design, my mind was creating.

I also had to remember, the first oriental tzoura I saw and heard 25 years ago, which became the reason for my latest creations. Remembering details of it was hard, since its memory has fade out, but the main idea, has always been in my mind all these years.

What I was looking for was, an oriental style tzoura made with beautiful old woods, engaging their beauty through natural finish. The design of tampoura, turkish saz and oud, helped me understand the elements, necessary to give my instrument the eastern identity.

And I think, finally I have succeeded. The difference on my final design comparing to the latest tries, can be included in one word only:Simplicity.

To make an instrument shine through its old woods and natural finish, simplicity should be my only motive.


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