Crossed lines

And the discovery of a song!


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Couple of weeks ago, during a telephone call to my father in Greece, the lines crossed, giving me the opportunity to hear from the other end, a beautiful rebetiko song composed by Vasilis Tsitsanis (18 January 1915 – 18 January 1984) and performed by himself and Stratos Pagioumtzis, named "Oταν στα κεντρα σε πηγαινω" (recorded in 1947).
Even tho, I though all these years, I have heard most of the great composer Vasilis Tsitsani's songs, I have to admit that this one had swept away from my attention.

With the help of friends from Rebetiko Forum, I was able to locate in YouTube a later version performed by the musicians: Dimitri Mistakidi, Chris Mastelo and Dimitri Sphiggo from a showcase of the "Prigkipessa" in 902 TV channel.

Through the lyrics of this song, someone can identify, the social status/position of women, the social perception during this era, and the dynamics of the relationship between male and female.The woman in rembetiko most of the times presented as the object of lust, desire and love, but also few times as the satrap, the tyranny, the trouble maker, the impostor, the deceiver.

Enjoy the sweet melody, only the unforgettable Vassilis Tsitsanis could compose in his songs!

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