Music has no boudaries

And the Censorship of folk music!

"In 1936, the 4th of August Regime under Ioannis Metaxas was established in Greece, and with it, the onset of censorship. Some of the subject matter of rebetiko songs was now considered disreputable and unacceptable. During this period, when the Metaxas dictatorship subjected all song lyrics to censorship, song composers would rewrite lyrics, or practice self-censorship before submitting lyrics for approval. The music itself was not subject to censorship, although proclamations were made recommending the "europeanisation" of Turkish music, which led to certain radio stations banning "amanedes" in 1938, i.e. on the basis of music rather than lyrics."

In my research designing an oriental tzoura, I discovered the following excellent short film written and directed by Sinan Cetin, which shows a similar experience on the other side of Aegean Sea.

From classical to oriental, from western music tradition, to the eastern music tradition, to rebetiko, music has no boundaries!

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Plato Film Productions (c) 2008


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